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The Blood Curse
Sages claim that we owe vampires to the dark deeds of some gods or demons. Some say, Urgith created them as a new tool for his wars. Others believe that vampires are an undead variation created by some powerful but not godlike being, very likely by one of the Ruthless Seven. Some think vampires are made by the Lord of the undead, other see Verminor as their creator. Again others see vampirism as some kind of curse.
It is said that the first vampire was a powerful warrior king who successfully fought the undead in the Corpse War. Being promised forbidden power and unification with his beloved ones, a once loyal follower of the king became the pawn of the dark powers. He poisoned his liege, probably over several months, using some nasty mixture which was handed to him.
As the king became sick and no one was able to heal him, the traitor stepped forward with a strange medicine. Trusting in his beloved servant, the king drank the medicine which actually was the blood of some servant that had been murdered recently. The medicine seemed to restore the king's strength, so the traitor had no trouble to feed him with more blood. Soon the king's appearance started to change. His aversion to sunlight and his paleness were attributed to his illness, but also the king's temper and behaviour turned more and more violent and aggressive. Nonetheless, the people loved their king and put up with his moods.
The traitor fuelled the king's growing paranoia with lies, so it was easy to convince him to get rid of certain court members. One by one the loyal advisers were removed and replaced with dark cultists. When the king was cut off from any loyal support, they stopped to give him blood and his illness returned, even worse than before. When he convulsed in pain and agony, they presented him a peasant to drain blood from. Almost insane by his ravenous thirst, the king accepted this sinister gift. As soon as he realised what was happening, he went berserk. In a fit of rage, he slaughtered each and every cultist that he encountered, but in the end they trapped him in his castle. The survivors fled with the corpse of the peasant who soon rose as a vampire. They drained him of his dark blood and killed him. Then they drank the blood to become vampires themselves.
The king was finally freed by loyal subjects. He had turned into something he had fought his whole life - an undead. It is said he left his castle in that very night, some say to hunt the traitors, others claim to end his undead life.

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