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The Birth of the Elements BOOK ONE

Schocked Uman and Fardos tried to grab hold of the dispersing being of Tibiasula, but it was about to slip out of their hands like their creations before. They wove a powerful spell, the spell of the creation, in order to bind Tibiasulas essence to the column of time. As Zathroth laughed loudly, in his vain triumph, he did not understand their words, and so the secret of creation and life stayed hidden from him forever.

They however wove the fleeting elements to powerful strands. Althought they did not succeed in uniting them again but the individual parts became something new, the first real creation. Thus the living part became Tibia, born from the element earth, Sula became the sea washing around it. Air rose over the creation and layed itself like a protecting blanket over the creation, and the fire seeped under it and began to warm it up.

Behold: Each of the separate parts of the god was full of life and divinity! But none of the elements possessed the spirit of the Tibiasula, but they were wild and impetuous, following always the impulses which corresponded to their nature.

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