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The Birth of the Elements BOOK FOUR

Fardos connected himself with air, and its child was called Nornur, fate. Nornur envied the brother Crunor because of his shape, as he was hardly more than wind and nebulae, and he asked he brother for assistance in creating a shape for him. But no matter how hard the brothers tried, Nornur couldn't appear to be much more than a shadow of a ghost.

Thus Nornur decided to create creatures in order to reveal himself. Thus the spiders came into the world, which are able to web their ghostlike spiderwebs, which copy Nornurs shape, and thus praise and honor him.

Also Uman and Sula, the sea, found together, and they conceived Bastesh, the unfathomable one. She was exceedingly beautiful, and the Godly were astonished. But Fafnar, the sun, looked upon all this beauty full of envy! When the newly born Bastesh looked up to her, she attacked her with fiery claws in the face and scratched it readfully. Probably Bastesh would not have survived the attack of her sister, had not the other Gods hurriedly come to help and driven away the ravishing Fafnar.

Bastesh however was frightened and disfigured. Full of fear she fled into the embrace of her mother Sula. In the depths of the seas the unfathomable one hides herself since that time, and little is known about her and her workings. Only the fact that the sea has been populated since that time by numerous creatures, may tell us that Bastesh seems to create these in the depth. In addition it is said that since that time the water of the seas is salty from the tears, which the disfigured Bastesh sheds out of anguish and pain.