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The Birth of the Elements BOOK TWO

And Uman and Fardos were chagrined about the dastardly deed or Zathroth. They decided to create from the elements something new, similar to Tibiasula. For a long time they looked for a way of achie this end. Finally Uman found a solution: the birth, which created live from live. One of the Godly had to unite with one of the elements and could thus create a new entity. Thus Fardos and the Fire united, and the Fire bore two children, Fafnar and Suon, the Suns of Tibia. Suon of calm and considerate nature. But Fafnar, its sister, was self-willed and stubborn. She rose vainly over the elements and began to scorch them. Therefore Suon also rose up in order to stop his sister. A wild struggle started and pretty soon it turned out that Suon was the stronger one of the two. So Fafnar fled under Tibia into the parental fire, but Suon wanted his sister to promise him never to scorch the other elements again.

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