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The Birth of the Elements BOOK THREE

Thus he followed the vain sister and sought her it. She however was quick and escaped from him again. She escaped on the other side and again rose over all elements, and began anew, to scorch these. When Suon followed her now, in order to punish her, she didn't let it come not a further test of strength and escaped the brother immediately. He followed the teasing and aggravating sister tirelessly into the embrace of the fire. But Fafnar was a step ahead of him and had already fled again onto the other side over the elements ... and in such a way this continues to go on even today.

Uman united himself with the earth, which we know as Tibia. And the earth bore him Crunor, the first tree. Crunor was full of charm and vitality. Also he loved his own shape, but he was wiser than Fafnar and possessed the gift of modesty. Inspires by the creation he bore from itself all the plants, small and large! And they spread out on the body of mother Tibia, like a dress - it was a delight to see.