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The Big Book of Glooth Pt.1
It's hard to imagine how life was before the breakthrough discovery of the glooth. Some hundred years ago, the first timid attempts were made to harvest and use the slime of the gloothworms. It was known it could be used to distil a strong glooth wine and in dire times, the substance was thickened and used as food by the poor. But only when inventor Baribar Glooth began his experiments and met with success, the usefulness of the worms and their product became apparent. The unassuming worms and their slime were named after that great man and soon others followed and discovered even more ways to manipulate, change and use glooth to the prosperity of all.
Baribar had studied glooth for years and tried to manipulate it by heat, magic and the like with moderate success. Following a hunch, he used lightning magic on the slime and therefore changed the fate of Rathleton. The first experiments yielded only a solid but brittle substance. By changing the duration and intensity of exposition to energy, he managed to give the substance he created entirely different attributes. First and foremost his efforts concentrated on creating a substitute for metal. On his way to create what later would be known as gloothal, he discovered the elastic gloothy that today is produced in several standard elasticities that found a wide range of usage in the crafts and in daily life.
His assistant Dagomir pushed the research into discovering the properties of more liquid forms of glooth. By mixing the application of heat and lightning, he produced several by-products that were at first discarded, but used by later generations of inventors to expand into new areas of glooth usage. His final discovery, many years after the death of his former master and mentor Glooth, was the gloothomir, a substance that burned with a strange greenish flame that produces almost no heat compared to normal fire but burns for an extremely long time. Later generations refined the gloothomir to the gloothine that has similar properties but produced a lot of invisible smoke, while using itself up quicker than the gloothomir.

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