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Exura Sio on Healing Target

  • The problem: Wasting some useful time typing the name of target. A need of a huge amount of hotkeys when there’s numerous targets.
  • The solution: Typing just Exura Sio will heal you healing target. So anyone who is targeted as “Healing Target” would be healed by Exura Sio instantly without needing of type his name.
  • Conclusion: No delay on searching the hotkey of a specific player or typing his name. A really good function for druids when managing to heal huge party teams. No need of a large amount of hotkeys to heal your team.

Healtarget1 Healtarget2

Following Target

  • The problem: A lack of a easier function to follow the target.
  • The solution: A following target hotkey.
  • Conclusion: This will make you life easy when you try to follow someone, good for quests and wars.

Guild message

  • The problem: Actually this is not a problem, just something that would make guild communication better.
  • The solution: Possibility for the leader broadcasting red messages to the guild, that way informing every member about the situation. Also a “Login Message” just like the news ticker on the website.
  • Conclusion: Faster feedback in cases of war, keep the guild well aware of what’s going on in a simple and fast way.



Hotkeys Set

  • The problem: Lack of alternative hotkey options.
  • The solution: Creating hotkeys sets, you can save up to four hotkey configurations like one for druid, one for knight one for war.
  • Conclusion: You’ll get easiness in managing your hotkeys without having to change them one by one.


Personalized outfits

  • The problem: Lack of alternative outfit options.
  • The solution: Creating custom sets of outfits. Like one for your black wizard addon and another for your blue knight.
  • Conclusion: An easy interface to manage your custom outfit sets.


Warning before red skull and banishment

  • The problem: Getting a red skull or a banishment by mistake.
  • The solution: Will be displayed on screen after every kill how many players you still can murder before getting red skulled or banished. If there’s a risk of ban you should also be noticed about the situation under your login, just like guild message proposal.
  • Conclusion: This will prevent players to get red skulled or banished by mistake.


Raise POI level

  • The problem: The assets of the quest are too valuable to be gotten on level 80 and it causes an emphasized price fall on the items prices.
  • The solution: Make the quest only for levels 100.
  • Conclusion: POI quest items will be more rare and more expensive.

Proposal voting

  • The problem: A lack of function for players to rate the proposals.
  • The solution: The implementation of a system for rating proposals from 1 to 5. A level restriction of 10 or above for premium players and 31 or above for free account players and an automated system to inform CipSoft about the best ongoing proposals.
  • Conclusion: Will make a really satisfactory interaction between what players want and like and the staff.

Notify at login

  • The problem: A non notorious notify when someones logs in.
  • The solution: Turn the color of the font into red and add the broadcast to deafult too.
  • Conclusion: This way it can be a lot better visualized and you won't miss when the player logs in.


Second promotion

  • The problem: There’s only a promotion and in the beginning levels. And also a big economy problem that could be solved with this.
  • The solution: Make a really difficult quest for level 100+ to get a second promotion. Better regeneration rates, new spells, quests and places. Creature products could be obligatory for the quest, and we can also explore the hard selling and rare items.
  • Conclusion: High levels seeking to do the quest would have something to expend their money on, making better running for the working capital. Doing it a really really hard and expensive quest would make for high levels something to seek for.

Summon control

  • The problem: Lack of functions to control our summons. All they know is to follow you and attack the enemies.
  • The solution: We can make then to stay steady or following, aggressive or passive, full attack, balanced and full defense.
  • Conclusion: A more wide and balanced summon controlling function.

Hack links warning

  • The problem: Those hack links messages are so annoying and there’s no function to turn them off.
  • The solution: Simple, make possible to turn them of.
  • Conclusion: Some players know what is a hack link or not and we don’t want those warnings, if we could turn them off will really come in handy.

Ability to log out inside protection zones

  • The problem: There’s no need to wait 30 seconds to log out. If we are inside protection zones we are out of battle anyway.
  • The solution: 5 seconds of PZ lock are enough.
  • Conclusion: No need to wait 30 non sense seconds to log or switch chars.

Parcel system

  • The problem: Sending wrongfully parcels or just don’t sending then because something is mistyped and get thieved.
  • The solution: Display in blue the name of the character if is right (Also the level and profession in parenthesis) and in green the name of the city.
  • Conclusion: Will probably reduce by 99% the parcel loses.


Buying barrels

  • The problem: It’s impossible to buy packs of barrels and similar items.
  • The solution: Just make it possible.
  • Conclusion: We won’t lose time buying these items one by one and won’t get angry getting mutes.

Move corpse problem

  • The problem: We can neither move nor skin the monster we have killed by our own.
  • The solution: It should be possible to skin and move the monster we killed, for the other players stays the same, they can neither move nor skin for ten seconds.
  • Conclusion: You won’t have to wait ten seconds to move or skin your monster.

Quest log problem

  • The problem: The quest log doesn't show all the possible quests.
  • The solution: All quests should be displayed on the quest log, of course, no spoil should be given about non started quests.
  • Conclusion: Players will know if the quest they're searching for really exists.

Show Healing Ammount

  • The problem: We can not see the amount of hp we heal or get healed.
  • The solution: We can see how much hp we healed and got healed and who did it.
  • Conclusion: It's a good function to add, it will help players in knowing their real healing outcome.


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