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Property Value
Aliases Tutorial Quest
Est. Length 5-10 minutes
Quest Log The Beginning Quest
Level 1
(1 recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 8.2
July 2, 2008
Status Deprecated.


Santiago, Zirella and Carlos all need help. Will you be the brave adventurer to assist them?


Tutorial Island.




150 Exp, Shovel, Rope, Torch, Club, Fish and a Coat. If you choose to skip the quest, you will instead receive a Torch, Club, Jacket and an Apple.

Click to show/hide the quest spoiler.


If you want to skip this quest simply say skip tutorial to Santiago.
This will take you to Rookgaard temple with a Jacket, Club, Rope, Shovel and an Apple, but you will still be level 1.


Walk from the little beach where you begin to the east and go up a ramp. Here you will see a NPC Santiago.
The Beginning Quest Map

The Cockroach Plague

Santiago needs help with the cockroach plague in his basement, he will ask you to get equipped with an armor from a Chest (Quest) on his room and with a club downstairs. Then you must go to his cellar and kill 3 cockroaches and collect 3 cockroach legs. When you are done, Report to Santiago who will reward you with 100 experience points.

Collecting Wood

Now talk to Zirella, she will tell you that she needs wood for her fire. You must use a Dead Tree nearby so a branch will be dropped under you, now you must move it towards her cart where another branch is. When you put it on it green sparks will appear. Talk to Zirella again. She will allow you to go inside her house and take a shovel from a Chest (Quest).
You must now use the shovel to open a loose stone pile to the east. After you go down, you must get the rope from a Box and use it to get out.

A Hungry Tailor

Now talk to Carlos, he will show you how to change your outfit and then ask you for some meat from nearby Rabbits or Deer. After you sell him some meat he will ask you to cross the bridge to Rookgaard.

Treasure Chest


The Cockroach Plague

Player: hi
Santiago: Hello Player, nice to see you on Rookgaard! I saw you walking by and wondered if you could help me. Could you? Please, say yes!
Player: yes
Santiago: Ah, thank you so much. To keep talking to me, either use the dark blue keywords or answer with 'yes' or 'no'. Listen, I have a little cockroach problem, but I think you need some proper equipment first, right?
Player: yes
Santiago: Great, please go to my house, just a few steps south of here. Upstairs in my room, you'll find a chest. You can keep what you find inside of it! Come back after you got it and greet me to talk to me again. Alright?
Player: yes
Santiago: Alright! Do you see the flashing button called 'Quests'? That's your quest log. There you can check the status of quests, like this one. Bye for now!

  • Go upstairs and get your coat. Then talk to Santiago again.

Player: hi
Santiago: Welcome back, Player! Ahh, you found my chest. Let me take a look at you. You put on that coat, yes?
Player: yes
Santiago: Ah, no need to say anything, I can see it suits you perfectly. Now we're getting to the fun part, let's get you armed! Are you ready for some action?
Player: action
Santiago: Great! You see, I have a huge cockroach plague in my cellar. I need someone to go down there and help me fight them. You are that courageous person, right?
Player: yes
Santiago: I knew I could count on you. Here, take this good and sturdy weapon in your hand. Then go back to my house and down the ladder. Good luck, and bye for now!

  • Go down to this basement and kill 3 Cockroaches, then return to him.

Player: hi
Santiago: Good job! For that, I'll grant you 100 experience points! Oh - what was that? I think you advanced a level, right?
Player: yes
Santiago: That's just great! Now you have more health points, can carry more stuff and walk faster. Talking about health, did you get hurt by those cockroaches?
Player: hurt
Santiago: Well, to me you look as healthy as ever! There are much more dangerous monsters than cockroaches out there, though. Take a look at your status bar to the right. You have 155 Health right now. I'll show you something, okay?
Player: okay
Santiago: This is an important lesson from me - an experienced veteran fighter. Take this! Look at your status bar again. As you can see, you've lost health. Now I'll tell you how to heal that, okay?
Player: okay
Santiago: Here, take this fish which I've caught myself. Find it in your inventory, then 'Use' it to eat it. This will slowly refill your health. Easy, right?
Player: right
Santiago: I knew you'd get it right away. You can loot food from many creatures, such as deer and rabbits. You can find them in the forest nearby. By the way... have you seen Zirella?
Player: Zirella
Santiago: Well, she was looking for someone to help her. Maybe you could go and see her. She lives just to the east and down the mountain. So, thank you again and bye for now!
Player: bye
Santiago: Take care, Player!

Collecting Wood

Player: hi
Zirella: Oh, heaven must have sent you! Could you please help me with a quest?
Player: quest
Zirella: By the way, 'quest' is a keyword that many NPCs react to, especially those which have tasks for you. So darling, about that quest... are you listening?
Player: yes
Zirella: Thank you so much for your kindness. I'm an old woman and I desperately need firewood for my oven. Could you please help me?
Player: help
Zirella: You're such a treasure. In the forest south of here, there are dead trees without any leaves. The first thing you have to do is search for one, okay?
Player: yes
Zirella: Splendid, once you've found one, 'Use' it to break a branch from it. Did you understand that so far?
Player: yes
Zirella: Good... so after you broke a branch, please push it here and select 'use with'. That will turn your mouse cursor into crosshairs. Then left-click on my cart. Alright?
Player: yes
Zirella: To push the branch, drag and drop it on the grass by holding the left mousebutton and moving the cursor to where you want to throw the branch. Just push it near my cart before you 'Use' it, alright?
Player: yes
Zirella: Thank you darling! My cart is right beside me. Two branches should be enough. I'll see you soon, good bye for now!
Player: bye
Zirella: Good bye Player, may Uman bless you!

  • After putting 2 branches in the cart:

Player: hi
Zirella: Right, thank you sweetheart! This will be enough to heat my oven. Oh, and you are probably waiting for your reward, yes?
Player: yes
Zirella: Well, you deserve it! You really have earned some experience! Also, you may enter my little house now and take what's in that chest beside my bed. Good bye for now!
Player: bye
Zirella: Good bye Player, may Uman bless you!

A Hungry Tailor

Player: hi
Carlos: Be greeted, Simsalabim Hocuspocus! As a tailor and merchant I have to say - we need to do something about your outfit, shall we?
Player: outfit
Carlos: Very well. Just choose an outfit and a colour combination that suits you. You can open this dialog anytime by right-clicking on yourself and choosing 'Set Outfit'. Just try it and then talk to me again!

  • After closing the outfit dialog:

Player: hi
Carlos: Welcome back! You know, after providing my little outfit service, I like to ask a little favour of you. Can you help me?
Player: help
Carlos: You see, I'm quite hungry from standing here all day. Could you maybe get me some food?
Player: food
Carlos: Thank you! I would do it myself, but I don't have a weapon. Just kill a few rabbits or deer, loot food from them and bring me one piece of meat or ham, will you?
Player: meat
Carlos: Splendid. I'll be awaiting your return eagerly. Don't forget that you can click on the 'Chase Opponent' button to run after those fast creatures. Good bye for now!

Player: hi
Carlos: Welcome back, Simsalabim Hocuspocus! Did you have a successful hunt and carry a piece of meat or ham with you?
Player: meat
Carlos: What's that delicious smell? That must be a piece of meat! Please hurry, simply ask me for a trade and I'll give you two gold pieces for it!
Player: trade
Carlos: Very nice! Food for me! Sell it to me, fast! Once you sold your food to me, just say 'ready' to let me know you are done.
Player: ready
Carlos: Well, that's how trading with NPCs like me works. I think you are ready now to cross the bridge to Rookgaard, just follow the path to the northwest. Good luck, Player! ...
Carlos: And by the way: if you thought all of this was boring and you'd rather skip the tutorial with your next character, just say 'skip tutorial' to Santiago. ...
Carlos: Then you'll miss out on those nice items and experience though. Hehehe! It's your choice. Well, take care for now!

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