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The bear and the percht queen

In the land of Ollre lived an old and wise bear. The land was lush and it's streams full of fish on which the old and wise bear fed well.
But one year the power of the percht queen was growing and the autumn turned chilling cold. Snow started falling and the streams froze over.
The hungry bear was unable to catch any fish at all, growing more and more desperate.
When he was trying to break the thick ice in vain, he was mocked by the evil percht queen.
She taunted him about how her cold would cause him to starve.
The bear looked at her without any anger and was lost in deep thought.
When the mocking triad of the crone had ended, he finally spoke to her.
'Hear me glorious mother winter, praised be your reign. I would gladly be your servant until the seasons change but sadly I'm too weak and hungry right now.'
The flattered crone considered his words and the bear continued.
'If your majesty would stay her hand until the moon tuns, I will happily enter your service until the end of winter.' The ice hag pondered the idea and ultimately agreed that having the mighty bear as her humble servant would not only be useful but also emphasise her own status.
Winter withdrew until the moon turned and the bear eagerly went fishing, catching and eating as much fish as never before.
When the moon turned the bear had not shown up in the palace, the percht queen got furious.
With an entourage of percht she traveled to the lair of the bear to demand her due.
But the bear was soundly asleep and nothing the queen and her minions did could wake him up.
The bear had eaten so much that his hibernation was unbreakable.
The percht queen angrily retreated in defeat.
When the bear awoke in the spring though he learned that the tries of the percht had coloured his fur as white as snow.
Thus, he became the father of all ice bears.

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