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The Awaking of the Gods BOOK ONE

In the beginning there was only the big gaping void. It was omnipresent and nowhere. Into this desert entered Fardos, the creator, and Uman Zathroth, incorporating magic. Nobody knows where they came from or whether they always have existed and just awaked from the deep slumber of the infinity. Fardos fulfilled by the need to create and give birth. He stepped into existence and began immediately with the act of the creation, because he was fully creative power and impatient. His godly powers emerged from him and created, formed. But all his works slipped out of his hands as the void was everywhere. No single work was to last. Everything that he devised dissolved in the void even before it was completed. Uman Zathroth regarded his undertakings thoughtfully, because Uman Zathroth was wise and fullfilled with magic powers and insatiable hunger for knowledge, comprehension and enlightenment. He was a creature similar and nevertheless different to the clear working of the Fardos, because mysteries and secrets were the aspects of his being. Uman and Zathroth were two entities and nevertheless one. Uman was the light, bright aspect of the magic strength. His was the gift to work benign wonders. Zathroth however, his different - dark - side, was corruptive urge, the vain self purpose of magic, destructive and a desecration! This entity, which was two and one nevertheless, observed now the works of his companion in infinity.

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