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The Awaking of the Gods BOOK ONE

For a long time Fardos exhausted his enormous powers in futile activity. Finally he asked his companion for support in his attempts. Uman consented only too readily, but Zathroth, the dark one of the twins, refused himself. Thus Fardos and Uman strived together to attempt the CREATION - however their laborings were not rewarded with success again. Just like before everything was drained away as soon as they created it, and Zathroth laughed full of contempt. The power however, which Uman and Fardos spent, did seep away in the universe-filling void. Nobody knows whether it was this power that lured another entity to them, whether it aroused this godly being, or whether in a mysterious way it created this entity. In any event, suddenly the enormous entity Tibiasula rose from the void and examined the two other godly beings. Fardos and Uman welcomed Tibiasula as their sister and admired her, because she was the perfect unity of the elements. Zathroth however fumed with silent hate, as he didn't want to share the void with one more entity.

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