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Cursed be the Akh, for it diverts our attention to things that are but trivial and transitory! Too many fail in their quests for ascension because they give in to their akhs' temptations. If only they knew that ascension holds the key to all our grievances! Only by ascending can we redeem the akh from its mortal bounds and free the Rah and the Uthun to strive for divinity. For each mortal creature holds the key to divinity, to be a god of his own right.
Unfortunately, the so-called gods are jealous. They do not want the mortals to take what they think is rightfully theirs. It is because of this that they have instructed their followers to condemn the sacred state which they call undead. Brothers and sisters, unite! See through the deceptions of the akh! Shed your mortal shells and embrace the death-that-is-not-death! Ascend and be reborn!

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