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V. ii, The Age of Chaos

The elder gods watched as the cataclysmic battle went on. They felt no pity for those that were slain because they cared little for Zathroth's creatures, but they knew that something was missing, that somebody was needed to take care of the bodies and souls of those who ceased to live. They began to look for a solution, and finally Uman proposed that a new god should be created, a god who should see to it that the dead would be taken care of. They decided that earth, which in a way was the giver of life, should have a part in taking it back, and that Uman should be the newly created god's father. But alas! The elder gods were not as cautious as they should have been, and so Zathroth the Destroyer learnt about their plans all too soon. He was fascinated by the idea of death from the start, because he saw in it a new chance to bring further havoc and destruction into the world. Soon he had devised a vicious plan. He posed as his good half Uman to fool earth, and with it he sired another god: Urgith the Master of the Undead. This hideous deity was devoted to death just like the god Uman and Fardos had in mind, but he was not the benign guardian of the dead they had envisioned. Instead, Urgith was a cruel god who strove to infuse the bodies of the dead with unholy energy, dooming them to a state that was neither life nor death. Thus, the hour of Urgith's birth marked the beginning of undeath.

Soon enough innumerable undead roamed the world. After all, Tibia was still covered by countless bodies of slain orcs, cyclopes and other creatures - the legacy of the many years of ceaseless war. These cadavers provided Urgith with the ideal recruitment pool, and he eagerly transformed all carcasses he could lay his hands into his gruesome servants. The gods watched in horror as a new scourge ravaged their beloved creation. They hurried to finally put their own initial plan into practice, and Uman united with earth in order to sire Toth the Warden of the Souls. It was to be his mission to safely guide the souls of the dead to the otherworld, where they would safely rest in the peace of an eternal dreamless slumber, while the worms, his faithful servants, swarmed out to devour their bodies that scattered the face of Tibia. But the damage had been done, and even though Toth and his servants did the best they could Urgith's ghastly creations continued to roam the land. All the other creatures, who were already greatly weakened by their endless wars, could put up little resistance to the new enemy who increased in strength with every loss they suffered. It looked as if Tibia was forever doomed to be a world that was inhabited by the living dead.

The elder gods looked at what had happened to their world, and their hearts filled with sorrow and resentment. They knew that if they did not act now Tibia would be destined to become a grave, and so they started looking for a solution. Eventually they agreed to try to create a sentient race of their own, a race that would be strong enough to take up the fight against the hordes that ravaged their beloved world. And so they created a race and sent it into Tibia. But alas! Urgith's minions were too strong. Their race was defeated within a generation, and it was wiped from the face of Tibia. So Uman and Fardos created race after race, and race after race was overwhelmed by the vicious abominations that Urgith had released into the world. Most of these races disappeared from the face of Tibia forever, leaving little but melancholy legends and mysterious ruins. Today, this sad era which is commonly known as the Corpse War is largely shrouded in mystery, and the unfortunate races that were destroyed in it are now referred to as the ancients.

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