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V. iii, The Age of Chaos

However, not all of the ancients were eradicated in the fierce struggle. At least two of the races created by the elder gods in the course of this epic struggle somehow managed to escape destruction and to survive until today. One of them was the elves, delicate creatures who could handle bows and musical instruments with equal skill. The other was the dwarfs, a stout race of gifted miners and smiths. Both of these races fought bravely, but both of them had to yield to the vicious power of their enemies, and it was only by fleeing into safe places of refuge that they managed to survive. The elves after many hardships sought shelter in the unfathomable depths of the forests, while the dwarfs barricaded themselves in their impenetrable fortresses deep in Tibia's mountains. There, these races waited for better times, bitterly deploring the cruel fate that had sent them into this dreadful world. But at least they had survived. All the other ancient races were seemingly sentenced to oblivion, although it is occasionally claimed that there are other survivors.

For all their strength, these races had one important flaw in common: They lacked flexibility. And this proved to be fatal in the war against the relentless enemy they were facing. Those who were not annihilated succumbed to Zathroth's temptations. More than one of the ancients fell for Zathroth's cunning promises of power and knowledge, and legend has it that the wrathful elder gods brutally punished many of them for their treachery. There is even a persistent theory that some of these ancients later on were formed by the devious Zathroth into the very first demons. Be that as it may, all the ancients failed to live up to their creators' expectations: One by one they were overwhelmed by the enemy, and still the hordes walked the world. But the elder gods had learnt from their mistakes. Their next creation was to be well suited for the task. And they called them the humans.

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