The snow on the glacier north of Svargrond suddenly starts melting.



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World Board: Judging by the unnerved mammoths in Svargrond, enough snow has melted away to reveal some very special flora.
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! Mammoths silently watch as the snow melts away. It reveals special flowers which are not meant to stay. Grow their seeds to brighten up your day!


The glacier north of Svargrond will begin to melt uncovering grass and other plants.

There will be 15 Ice Flowers which have a small chance (~20%) of giving Ice Flower Seeds when used. It takes over 2 hours for the ice flowers to regrow (counting from the last time they were harvested). They can be found:

All locations can be seen here.

After successfully harvesting 10 of them you will get the achievement Ice Harvester.

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