A 4x4 Red Carpet on second floor, 1 Blackboard on ground floor, Dustbin on first and third floors, 18 Wall Lamps (2 in basement, 4 all other floors).


South Thais by the gate and jail.


This is simply a good guildhall for any beginning guild. 8.4k is easily collected if you have enough renters. These are the rooms:

  • basement: 2x3 room, 2sqm passage room;
  • ground: 2x6 entrance room, 27sqm room, 2x2 room;
  • first: 3x5 room with 2 beds, 2x3 with bed, 3x3 with bed, 2x5 passage room;
  • second: 3x3 room with 2 beds, 5x6 with red carpet, 2x3 passage room;
  • third: two 3x4 rooms with 2 beds each, two 2x4 passage rooms.


Before April 15, 2019, this house's rent was 8420 gold per month.

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