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This article or section is deprecated from a Test Server.

The information on this page is no longer relevant to the Tibia or TibiaWiki community. It was clearly seen on an official test server, but has not been encountered in-game.

The information in this page or section may not be accurate, but this page should be retained for posterity.



Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Various
Personal Properties
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Gift Giver
Other Properties
Version --
Status Test Server-exclusive.
Testserver Assistant
You see Testserver Assistant.
  • Free stuff! Check it out!


In every town:


She or he only appears on test servers. The Testserver Assistant will give blessings if you ask and when saying money or gold she will hand out 10 Crystal Coin Crystal Coins. You can ask for money for infinite times. The idea behind free money is creating no limits in buying supplies and travelling, which makes it easier to test a lot of things in short time.

You can also ask for experience to receive level up your character. On the most tests the NPC gave 50,000,000 each time, and you can ask as many times as you need until you are above level 350 (which means you can get up to level 357 depending on the level you start from).

Saying trade will also give you the option to open different trade dialogs for items relevant to the current test, general equipment and other special items.


On the Test Server for the Winter Update 2019, the Testserver Assistants were updated. Among other things, they now have different outfits that match the city they are in. For example, in Svargrond the Assistant wears the Norseman Outfits.

Trade Details


This NPC does not buy any items.


  Various items relevant to the next update and general equipment.
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