One of the "lost" elvish castes.
In the early days of the war, the Teshial went into hiding making their appearance to most others a rarity. Since their retreat, they focused on the arts and building of the soul through meditation, eventually perfecting "dream magic" a method of altering dreams and entering the dream realms, however it is most commonly used to alter the appearance of their offspring. Their powers go far beyond genetics, however, as they are able to change their own apperance, dissappear and appear by jumping between dream and real realms, and unlocking secrets to the dream world no human will ever know.

Their ability to enter , navigate and shape the Dream Realm was unmatched. They started to give advice to other races but were seldom listened to. A group of them taught part of their secrets to some humans, but later found them tortured by developments the humans judged themselves guilty of. Probably these humans were the first version of what we know nowadays as the Nightmare Knights and they learned the art of the Dreamwalking from the Teshial. It is unclear if the events related to the war of the Nightmare Knights against Goshnar and the forces of The Ruthless Seven leaded to the Dream Realm being converted mostly into Void and if that affected the Teshial.

There is a hint that the Dreamelves, also called the dream-born, may be the descendants of the Teshial caste as it is suggested in the creature page of the six Dreamelves variants in the Tibia Creature page, as the following fragment reads:

... In the few recorded encounters, the dream-born claimed to live in realms 
that their god created with his dreams. Given their obvious kinship to the 
common elves it's of course far more likely that they  are just descendants 
of elves that fled the godwars into somekind of pocket dimension ...

Asking Vanys/Undal to tell the long version of the story (of the Dreamelves), they mention the next:

Player: long
Vanys: Though the dreamborn have many similarities with common elves, they are not creatures of your world. They were created through the dreams of a powerful elf whose name is long forgotten. All that is known, is that he was a exceptional dreamweaver. ...
Vanys: His mastery over dreams was that great, that his dreams became substantial. It is said, he was the most advanced dreamweaver that ever walked the world. ...


So, it is unclear if the Dreamelves are the descendants of the last true Teshial elf, who they consider their god, or just they they are the descendants of the entire Teshial caste who forgot their connection to the other castes and the race itself. As Vanys and Undal are dreamelves themselves, they are likely not able to tell the right answer.

Also, the book about Dream Magic mentions that all elves have the ability to use the Dream magic to manipulate the appearecences and the personality of their children before birth. This was mainly used with aesthetic goals, but is is stated that physical changes could be made this way too, with considerable changes taking the span of several generations. All of the current elven castes could use a rudimentary version of the Dream Magic, as most of the knowledge of past is forgotten. This could be an explanation of how the Dreamelves are so powerful and somehow physically different than the "normal elves" due to the mastery of the ancient Dream magic by the Teshial and how they changed their pacific ways to be fighters under the malicious influence of The Nightmare Beast, the other product of their "god"'s dreams.

If the theories about the Teshial, the Dreamelves and their relation to the Nightmare Knights are correct, one can assume that probably one or few of the last Teshial escaped the demonic invasion of the Dream Realm and returned to the conscious world, creating new settlement that eventually became The Courts of Summer and Winter.

Teshial in Tibian literature[]

There are only three books that mention the Teshial:

NameBook TypeShort Description
Puldrak's Wisdom About Elves III (Book)Book (Brown)Book (Black)Book (Red)Biography of the Teshial
The Teshial (Book)Book (Brown)Biography of the Teshial
Dwarven Report VII (Book)Book (Brown)Exploration of elven magic, specifically "dream magic".

What People have to say about the Teshial caste[]

Some Elf NPCs answer when the Teshial are mentioned. Elvith thinks they were great musicians, Elathriel says that dreams aren't practical and does not mourn the Teshial disappearance, Brasith thinks that if they still exist they are alone in the cold and the darkness.

Other NPCs like Edowir, Anerui and Roderick mention their dream mastery and disappearance, and the Elf Guard simply says they don't exist.

Player: Teshial
Olrik: I wonder where they have gone.
Elf Guard: There are no Teshial.
Maealil: I would love to learn more about the Teshial.
Elvith: I bet they were great musicians.
Irea: They have left so long ago.
Brasith: They're lost. If they still exist, they are alone in the cold and the darkness.
Faluae: I can only hope they will return one day.
Roderick: They hardly seem more then an elven myth.
Briasol: They are lost in time.
Shanar: Don't know much about them.
Bashira: A stupid Cenath myth.
Anerui: If they ever existed, they are gone now.
Eroth: They are gone. They alone were almost equal to us Cenath among elvenkind.
Shiriel: They were not prepared for what they encountered in their quest for knowledge. WE will be.
Elathriel: Dreamers are of no practical use. I don't mourn their demise.
Edowir: Its said that those elves were the masters of the dreams. Which many consider as a special brand of magic. However they seem to have vanished from the face of Tibia ages ago and their fate is unknown.
Llathriel: The Teshial had impressive powers over dreams and could work their magic in them. Even though they are physically absent, I believe they still exercise their influence over our dreams.
Player: Abdaisim
Llathriel: Unfortunately they left us long ago. But I believe some day we will be united again with both Abdaisim and the long lost Teshial.