Terra Amulet
Terra Hood
Terra Mantle
Terra Legs
Terra Boots

The Terra Set consists of all Items that give protection from Earth Damage are have Terra on their name. It can be very useful for lower level mages since wearing this full Set will give you 37% Earth protection (21% without the Terra Amulet), though it also increases Fire Damage by 39%.

Item Vocations Attributes Level Dropped by
Terra Amulet earth +20%, fire -10% 60
Terra Hood sorcerers and druids earth +4%, fire -5%
Terra Mantle sorcerers and druids earth +8%, fire -8% 50
Terra Legs sorcerers and druids earth +6%, fire -6% 40
Terra Boots sorcerers and druids earth +5%, fire -5% 35

Other Earth Protection

Sacred Tree Amulet
Deepling Ceremonial Dagger
Might Ring
Gill Gugel
Living Armor
Gill Legs
Pair of Dreamwalkers
Brain in a Jar

Despite the name, there are many other equipment that provide better Earth Damage protection. For example, the set to the left provides 70% Earth Protection for Mages, 38% without the Amulet and Ring, which have charges. For a list of all Earth Protection equipment, check this page. You can also check the Armor Calculator to compare different set combinations with accuracy.

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