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Tenebra was merged along with Elera and Vinera into the new world Laudera on May 2, 2016.

Top 3 Players

Golden Goblet Imperfidian Level 501, EK
Silver Goblet Allusis Level 448, MS
Bronze Goblet Dexz Darkheart Level 446, RP

Top Levels by Vocation

Outfit Hunter Male Addon 3Dexz DarkheartLevel 446, RP
Outfit Knight Male Addon 3ImperfidianLevel 501, EK
Outfit Mage Male Addon 3Allusis level 448, MS
Outfit Druid Male Addon 3Arthozs level 418, ED

Additional info

  • The name Tenebra derives from Latin, which means shadowy in all its senses (though as a noun); lacking luminance and being mysterious.
  • Tenebra was originally located in Brazil, but CipSoft decided to move it to the USA on April 2005. The reason that the Brazil server was moved, was because the Internet provider couldn't ensure a proper and stable connection to the game server. You can check out the news about Tenebra's moving for CipSoft's official words about it.

Ghazbaran Tenebra was the second server to kill Ghazbaran, dropping a Demonbone and Morgaroth's Heart.

Orshabaal Orshabaal has been killed 4 times on Tenebra, dropping a Thunder Hammer twice.

Ferumbras Ferumbras attacked Tenebra 5 times, being defeated twice.

Morgaroth Morgaroth attacked Tenebra only one time, being killed and dropping a Giant Sword and some jewels.

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