This template is used as a basis for all messagebox templates in this wiki. It provides a common interface and standardization for commonly-used messages and notifications.

It is subst-enabled.

| image     = Optional. The full filename of an image to display in the messagebox.
| imagesize = Optional. The size of the image to be displayed.
| caption   = Optional. A short caption a the top of the messagebox.
| message   = Required. The message to be displayed in the messagebox.
| submessage= Optional. A smaller message to be displayed in the messagebox beneath the primary message.
| subst     = Optional. "subst:" or blank.
| style     = Optional. Manual style to replace the standard defined messagebox style
Notice: If "style" is specified, then the following parameters are ignored.
| align     = Optional. "left", "right" or "center".
| border    = Optional. Border style.
| backcolor = Optional. Background color.
| width     = Optional. Width of the messagebox.

No message text supplied.
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