Renders the text for a creature's max damage, based on the damages per element.


In order to use the template, copy and paste the following:

{{Max Damage|physical=|earth=|...}}

See the table below for all available parameters:

Parameter Required Usage
physical The total physical damage dealt by the creature.
earth The total earth damage dealt by the creature.
fire The total fire damage dealt by the creature.
ice The total ice damage dealt by the creature.
energy The total energy damage dealt by the creature.
death The total death damage dealt by the creature.
holy The total holy damage dealt by the creature.
drown The total drown damage dealt by the creature.
lifedrain The total life drain damage dealt by the creature.
manadrain The total mana drain damage dealt by the creature. This amount is not summed to the total, as it does not affect hitpoints.
summons The total damage that summons can do. This is shown separate from the total.
total The total damage that affects hitpoints done by the creature on its own. This is usually omitted and automatically calculated, but can be overridden if desired.


Input Output
{{Max Damage|fire=20}}
20 Fire Damage
{{Max Damage|energy=200|ice=500}}
700 (500 Ice Damage, 200 Energy Damage)

The sum of elemental damages will be shown.

{{Max Damage|earth=200|lifedrain=500|holy=400|manadrain=500}}
1100 (200 Earth Damage, 400 Holy Damage, 500 Life Drain) + 500 Mana Drain

Mana drain is not added to the total since it doesn't affect hitpoints.

{{Max Damage|death=200|manadrain=500|summons=400}}
200 Death Damage + 500 Mana Drain + 400 Summons

Summon damage is also not added to the total.

{{Max Damage|drown=400|manadrain=400|summons=500}}
400 Drown Damage + 400 Mana Drain + 500 Summons

No parentheses are shown if only a single type affecting hitpoints is present.

{{Max Damage|fire=200|physical=100?}}
300? (100? Physical Damage, 200 Fire Damage)

If one of the values is not certain, the total will display it too.

{{Max Damage|death=?|energy=30}}
30? (30 Energy Damage, Death Damage)

Another case where a damage is unknown.

{{Max Damage|energy=?|holy=?}}
Energy Damage, Holy Damage

If only unknown values are given, do not show sum.

{{Max Damage|}}

If no damage is specified, it will display 0.

{{Max Damage|?}}

If only ? is passed, it will display it.

{{Max Damage|fire=1000|earth=1000|energy=1000|total=1000}}
1000 (1000 Fire Damage, 1000 Energy Damage, 1000 Earth Damage)

Override the total, if the creature is unable to use all three elements at once.