This template is used on Creature pages which use Template:Infobox Creature, to display a "loot item" in a regular way. It accepts one, two or three parameters: the item name, the amount and the rarity.


One parameter

{{Loot Item|Cave Devourer Eyes}}

If only one parameter is provided, it is assumed this parameter is the item name. Use the wiki pagename of the creature, to let it correctly link to this page.

Two parameters

{{Loot Item|Crystalline Arrow|rare}}

If two parameters are provided, it is assumed the first parameter is the item name and the second the rarity, if one of the following words is used:

  • always (100%)
  • common (> 25%)
  • uncommon (between 5% and 25%)
  • semi-rare (between 1% and 5%)
  • rare (between 0.5% and 1%)
  • very rare (< 0.5%)

See also: Rarity. Also note the rarity is denoted with lower case text, so e.g. "common" instead of "Common".

{{Loot Item|1-5|Platinum Coin}}

If the previous is not true, it is assumed the first parameter is the amount and the second the item name.

Three parameters

{{Loot Item|1-5|Small Sapphire|common}}

If three parameters are provided it is assumed they are the amount, item name and rarity, in this particular order.