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Infobox World is used to give a brief overview of a Game World. Type in this:

{{Infobox World
| name           = 
| type           = 
| preview        = 
| experimental   = 
| online         = 
| offline        = 
| mergedinto     = 
| location       = 
| ingamestatus   = 
| worldboardid   =
| tradeboardid   = 
| battleye       = 
| protectedsince = 


Parameter Required Explanaton


* The full name of the world.
type * Type of world (Open PvP, Optional PvP, Hardcore PvP).
preview Can be set to "yes" for Preview Game Worlds.
experimental Can be set to "yes" for Experimental Game Worlds.
online * The date this server was brought online, e.g. March 30, 2004.
offline The date this server was taken offline, e.g. March 30, 2004.
mergedinto The name of another gameworld which given gameworld has merged into.
location * Location of the server (USA, United Kingdom or Brazil).
ingamestatus If this game world is removed from the game, set to deprecated.
worldboardid The id of world board on the tibia.com forum. Not required for deprecated gameworlds.
tradeboardid The id of trade board on the tibia.com forum. Not required for deprecated gameworlds.
battleye Whether or not this world is shielded by BattlEye. Use "yes" to indicate this server is shielded by BattlEye, or "no" if it is not. If not specified, "no" is used as a default value.
protectedsince The date this world started being BattleEye-protected.
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