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Infobox Mount is used to describe the mounts which exist in Tibia.


Type in this:

{{Infobox Mount|List={{{1|}}}|GetValue={{{GetValue|}}}
| name          = 
| actualname    = 
| speed         = 
| mount_id      = 
| taming_method = 
| colourisable  = 
| bought        = 
| tournament    = 
| price         = 
| achievement   = 
| lightcolor    = 
| lightradius   = 
| implemented   = 
| artwork       = 
| notes         = 
| history       = 
| status        = 
Parameter Required Usage
name The name of the mount. Always use initial capitals, so "Midnight Panther", and not "Midnight panther" (see TibiaWiki:Standards). The name is almost always the same as the page name.
actualname The actual name of the mount if this differs from the pagename, for example, if disambiguation brackets are used.
speed The speed bonus the mount gives as single number and measured in levels.
mount_id The id of the mount.
taming_method Some text about how to obtain the mount.
colourisable If the mount can be coloured like player outfits. Use "yes" or "no", where the default is "no".
bought Whether the mount has to be bought or not. Use "yes" or "no", where the default is "no".
tournament Whether the mount has to be bought with Tournament Coins or not. Use "yes" or "no", where the default is "no".
price Only if the mount can be bought, the price should be the amount it costs.
achievement Often obtaining a mount results in getting an Achievement as well. This can be entered here.
lightcolor If the mount gives light, the integer number as listed here should be used.
lightradius If the mount gives light, the radius of the light should be given.
implemented Version number of the update when this achievement was implemented.
artwork If the mount has an artwork, it can be linked here. E.g. "File:Artwork_Midnight_Panter.jpg"
notes Add any other information about the mount, like a short description and/or if it has any use.
history The template should reflect the current in-game state of the mount, but if something was different in the past it can be described here.
status If the mount is available in-game the status will be "Active" by default. Other possible values are: "deprecated", "event", "unobtainable" or "ts-only".