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This key has no notes.


Infobox Key is used to describe the keys found in Tibia. Type in this:

{{Infobox Key
| number         =
| implemented    =
| aka            =
| primarytype    =
| secondarytype  =
| location       =
| value          =
| npcvalue       =
| npcprice       =
| buyfrom        =
| sellto         =
| origin         =
| shortnotes     =
| longnotes      =
| history        =
| status         =


Parameter Required Explanaton
number * The number of the key, displayed when "looking" at it.
implemented * Version number of the client when the effect was first implemented.
aka Also known as; other common names for the key.
primarytype * The primary category of the key, the material the key is made of.
secondarytype The secondary category of the key. If there are more keys with the same number but different material, add the other keys material here.
location The location where the key can be found, if it can be found somewhere in Tibia. Do not be specific, use something like "Green Claw Swamp", "Outlaw Camp", etc.
value The value of the key. If sold by NPCs that value can be used. If it is very rare it is better to put "Negotiable" in this field.
npcvalue The highest value, if sold to NPCs.
npcprice The lowest value, if bought from NPCs.
buyfrom A list of NPCs this key can be bought from.
sellto A list of NPCs, this key can be sold to.
origin This should be a very specific location of the key, or how to obtain it.
shortnotes * This will be used in the list template, so provide only a short description of the key.
longnotes This should describe what the key can be used for and/or its background story.
history The template should reflect the current in-game state of the key, but if something was different in the past it can be described here.
status If the book is available in-game the status will be "Active" by default. Other possible values are: "deprecated", "event", "unobtainable" or "ts-only".
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