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Infobox Fansite should be used at the beginning of all Tibia fansite articles. Type in this:

{{Infobox Fansite
| name        = 
| url         = 
| logo        = 
| caption     = 
| language    = 
| description = 
| item        = 
| rank        = 


Parameter Required Explanaton
name * The full name of the fansite.
url * Full URL to the fansite.
logo The image which should be used for the logo of this fansite.
logosize Obsolete! Do not use this parameter anymore.
caption Brief caption which will be displayed under the logo.
language The language of the fansite.
description Short description of the fansite.
item Name of Fansite Item, if it has one.
rank * The rank of the fansite, unsupported, supported or promoted.
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