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This effect has no notes.


This template is used to describe Effects in Tibia. Type in this:

{{Infobox Effect
| name           =
| implemented    =
| effectid       =
| primarytype    =
| secondarytype  =
| lightradius    =
| lightcolor     =
| causes         =
| effect         =
| notes          =
| history        =
| status         =


Parameter Required Explanaton
name * The name of the effect, can be a guess by the editor.
implemented * Version number of the client when the effect was first implemented.
effectid * The Effect ID of the Effect in Tibia's client.
primarytype * The primary category of the effect.
secondarytype The secondary category of the effect.
lightradius If the effect gives light, the radius of this light can be put here as an integer number.
lightcolor If the effect gives light, the color value of this light can be given as an integer number. See Template:RGB Light Color for a full list.
causes * What action triggers the effect to be displayed, such as using a certain item.
effect What effect the action which triggers the effect has, besides the graphical display of the effect.
notes Any further comments can be put here.
history The template should reflect the current in-game state of the effect, but if something was different in the past it can be described here.
status If the effect is available in-game the status will be "Active" by default. Other possible values are: "deprecated", "event", "unobtainable" or "ts-only".
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