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This CipSoft member has no notes.

Usage & preview

Infobox Cipsoft Member is used to describe the employees of CipSoft, creator of Tibia. Type in this:

{{Infobox Cipsoft Member


Parameter Required Explanaton
name * The pseudonym of the CipSoft member.
image Link to image of the CipSoft member.
real_name The real name of the CipSoft employee. Sometimes these are made public in interviews.
department * The department of the CipSoft member. The deparment is used to categorize members.
function * The function of the CipSoft member. If a member has a second function, use function2.
previous The previous function of the member, if he/she switched jobs internally during his/her employment with CipSoft.
job_start The date (or year or month if only these are known) of the start of the employment of the CipSoft member. A good indication is the account creation date on
job_end If the member has quit, the date of this event. This is often published in a news ticker.
interviews Link to the interviews published about the CipSoft member. A list can be found on Interviews.
notes Any other comments or remarks on the CipSoft member.
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