2 Counters (1x2), 7sqm Table, 2 Big Tables (2x3), 6 Carved Stone Tables, 20 Tusk Chairs, 3 Coal Basins, 4 Wall Lamps, Square Table, Oven, Bucket, 1 Wine, 2 Beer, and 2 Water Casks, 5 Crates, 2 Barrels, 2 Brown Bags, Meat, 3 Plates, Kitchen Knife, Spoon.


West in Svargrond


Dankwart runs the tavern and sells various food and drink. Sven, the jarl of the Svargrond people, can also be found on the ground floor of the tavern. Rashid visits the tavern on Mondays and Santa Claus and a Messenger of Santa also shows up around Christmas each year. These are the rooms:

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