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Non-Hunting Floors

Ank tomb map tar1

First Hunting Floor

Ank tomb map tar2

ASkeletons JCave Rats and Skeletons
B2 SkeletonsKSkeletons
CSkeleton and 3 GhoulsL2 Poison Spiders and 2 Ghouls
D2 GhoulsMGhouls and Skeletons
E1 Crypt ShamblerNCave Rats and Ghouls
FCave Rats, Skeletons and GhoulsOSkeletons
G2 Scorpions and 2 ScarabsPGhouls and Skeletons
H5 Cave Rats, a Ghoul and a MummyQBonelord
IPoison Spiders, Skeletons, GhoulsRSkeletons and Ghouls

Second Hunting Floor

Ank tomb map tar3

AGhouls and SkeletonsI2 Mummys, Scarabs, Cobras, Scorpions
B2 StalkersJGhouls and 1 Stalker
C2 MummysK4 Skeletons
DStalkers and 1 Crypt ShamblerL1 Mummy and 1 Crypt Shambler
EGhouls M3 Larvas and 3 Scarabs
FGhouls and 1 GhostNGhouls
GGhouls, Skeletons, 1 Mummy and 1 Crypt ShamblerO1 Ghost
H3 Ghouls and 2 SkeletonsP1 Ghost

Third Hunting Floor

Ank tomb map tar4

AMummy K1 Necromancer
B2 VampireL3 Crypt Shamblers
CGhouls, Mummys, Stalkers and Crypt ShamblersM2 Mummys, Demon Skeleton and Crypt Shambler
D2 VampiresN1 Demon Skeleton, 4 Ghouls
EBone Beast OSlimes, Mummys, Crypt Shamblers
F2 Demon SkeletonsP3 Mummys
G2 VampiresQ3 Mummys, Vampire
H2 Mummys, 2 Crypt ShamblersR3 Mummys
IBone Beast, 2 VampiresSTeleporter to deeper tomb
J2 Mummys

Third Hunting Floor (After Teleport)


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