So, anyone found anything here? I highly doubt CIP would map something like this if nothing existed - oh wait - they did map Kaz.. hahahaajah

I explored all of the caves down there, but I didn't find anything really interesting. I may have overlooked something, or there might be a pick hole.

I would actually guess that it's a placeholder until they finish it with an upcoming update (maybe this december 2006 update). Also might be part of a larger quest (some npc may send you there to find something). Either way, it looks like it is simply a small hidden hunting area for now.

-- WhitelacesTalk † χρισtoς αnεσtη, αληθως αnεσtη -- 06:29, 7 December 2006 (PST)

Umm, I was just on Treasure Island tying up some loose map ends and I found a "large" amount of gold (around 4.5K) lying in a pile on the floor there along with some ancient shields and morning stars. This may of course have come from an unfortunate adventurer but it would seem unlikely for it to lay about the place like that.

I dont get it, how can you go in the caves there?, I tried looting a real pirate map but I cant use it. I want to know this because there is no info in the page "treasure island" .

If someone would be so nice to tell how to go those "caves" I would be pleased. thx

I also found there in one of the caves around 2k in gp, I can say that place has no floor resets so if some one throw money there it will be there till next update or if some one whas botting and the bott whas programed to leave loot that cant carry on top of the monster the bott will make a treasure for others.

Also theres the posibility that after a large update theres a1 time only respawn of money and items in there or maybe like a random item respawn (like a boss but is items and not monsters).

Abouth the caves you must have a real treasure map and dig with a shovel theres only like 6 holes so you must dig right in the spot to open them and some times they spit scorpions.
Kwigon the sharpshooter 18:45, 16 August 2008 (UTC)

mark the spots?

So, shouldn't there be a spoiler section showing the actual spots to use the treasure map? Or is this supposed to be a closely guarded secret hunting place? Masterhatch 03:22, 12 March 2009 (UTC)

There is a spoiler where you can see the spots:Treasure_Island_Quest/Spoiler.

I haven´t found any "treasures" down there, but some people use it as a hunting ground and leave money/items down there. There seems to be no floor reset, so it may pay out going down there. Despite that it is a cool hunting ground for low level sorcerers/druids.
Sadonic (Page/Talk), Seeker of Myth (Page/Talk),
14:24, 12 March 2009 (UTC)

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