This creature might exist, but I don't think it has exactly the same abilitys as a normal hand of cursed faith. I think we should remove the loot, abilitys and the tactics
Greetings Delatus

i found a video on tibiabr about it, but its too long and it takes time to fastforwarding it here(slow pc), the link is as follows: -- its on tibiabr uploads where you can only put .rec files, but download it at your own risk

When it was killed in Pacera I was there and I saw part of the loot. It looted 100+ gp, 1 demonic essence, the protector, and a bag (but i dont remember what was inside it). So I added the part of the loot I saw. by Dragonk

--Dragonk 20:19, 5 June 2008 (UTC)

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