It's a common item now, I don't feel there's a reason to have 4 images, let alone one now that it's verifiability is clear. Unless there's some other reason (brag rights don't count), I think they should be removed. -- Sixorish 02:15, 26 November 2008 (UTC)

Meh I been saying the same over and over in diferent pages... people add screenshots where I thing they not needed, should be rules to how many you can add and why you can add screenshots to pages. Like: 1-add ss only if the item is one very rare of his kind and it whas the first looted. 2-add ss if the monster is a very rare spawn (ss of the monster alive) 3- ss of raids would be good too. Not add ss if theres already alot ss of the same monster like in rotworm queen. Not add ss of items anyone can get in quest like they did on teddy bear page and other pages (brag rights). I still think special event monsters don't need that many ss like in undead jesters page theres alot of ss but guess what every one in tibia saw the jesters they spawned every where and alot of times.

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