I'm at Chor atm, and I've been counting how many hits before a royal spear breaks. I counted for 10 spears with the following results: [66, 45, 62, 21, 39, 49, 42, 68, 76, 36] with an average of 50 hits before the spear breaks.

They're kind of random, but for the most part, that seems accurate to me. They may be a little off because of all the chaos in Chor. I probably couldn't have picked a crappier place to experiment. My mom also made me disconnect in the middle of the 7th spear, so that one's kinda off. Maybe someone else can try it out.

Deadflejm 18:17, 8 July 2007 (PDT)

An average of 50 hits per spearbreak sounds very high to me. I did 50k experience on wyvern today, using 55 royal spears. 50k wyvern is about a hundred wyvern, which means I lose a royal about once in two wyvern. I think I kill a wyvern in 8 hits averagely, which brings me nowhere near your 50 hits. However rough my estimate is, we absolutely have different results. This brings me to another point about spearbreaking; I have the feeling that the stronger the creature you hunt is, the more spears you break. The difference Wyvern/Lizards illustrates this. A few other examples: On Giant Spiders, I broke 12 spears in 83 hits. On Laguna Islands (surface, so toads, turtoises, frogs) I do averagely 60~ (quite accurate, though not as accurate as your testing) hits before a royal spear breaks. Further testing will give me more accurate results, but if any other paladins have experienced the same, please state it here.

I've not really 'tested' it, but my pally would last an hour at scarabs with around 30 royal spears, then I took him to frost giants and they went a lot faster... Also I took some royal spears to behe's, they lasted quite some time, but we also had 2 melee'ers, shielding might have some part in determining how long they last, the behe's shielding was broken, and the royal spears lasted a while (even longer than scarabs) But I could be wrong.
--Sixorish 03:21, 4 October 2007 (PDT)
You should note that scarabs has larva, as well, all I hunted at the frost giants were mammoths, frost giantess' and the giants themselves

"I have the feeling that the stronger the creature you hunt is, the more spears you break." This is also true for other onehanded distance weapons like normal spears and throwing knives - i can go with a single spear on dozens of skeletons but only half a dozen Carrions and might use up like two knives on a crypt shambler while needing only one knive for many many trolls ;) (I'm Pally lvl 22, dist. 61)


I don't think that spears break more often when hunting stronger creatures. It's just a coincidence. The opposite happens to me, I take 10 spears to dragons, and I never break a spear attacking the dragon, but while I'm waiting for the dragon to respawn, I kill some rotworms and I break spears.

-- ¬¬ Lord Galarzaa ¬¬ * Talk * ¤ Contributions ¤ *** 04:56, 31 January 2009 (UTC)

Well, I think it's not a 2% break-rate, but 3%.

Today I've tested it with a target dummy. 50 royal spears lasted 1635 throws, which means a break-rate of 3,06%. I tried it again with 100 royal spears, they had a break-rate of 3,02%.

I don't think anything else influences it, but I'll have a look. Mirkaan 20:59, 28 August 2009 (UTC)

I found out, that the skill (or hit%) does influence the break-chance. A druid with 18 distance fighting had a 2,31% break-chance for royal spears. What else is interesting: For me royal spears had a 4,23% break-chance, if I stood next to the target dummy, 3,16% for 3 sqm. Mirkaan 12:51, 30 August 2009 (UTC)

Level Requirement

Just curious, I'm level 21 and I use these to hunt dragons and they hit far better than bolts or any other weapons "my level". What does the level requirement actually do?

Lowers the effectiveness of them, e.g you'll hit better and miss less often when you level up to 25 in comparison to 21. (try using an SCA on a level 8 -- you'll poof a lot and barely deal any damage at all) -- Sixorish 02:06, 27 December 2008 (UTC)

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