Obi doesn't buy ropes anymore, but Al Dee still does + he buys shovels now too.

Sell Rope?

I just wanna now how to sell a rope to Nezil or Bezil. I couldn't do that no mather i said to them. So I made changes to this pages. If you really can sell a rope, pleese write down what you have to say.


I don't know if it is possible or not, but once you are talking to them, you would simply say "sell rope". IF it is possible, then they will offer a price to you.

Be sure to try both Bezil and Nezil. They seem to buy/sell all of the same stuff, but it is possible that somethings are different between them.

Next time I'm in Kazordoon, I'll ask them unless someone beats me to it.

I DO know that you can sell ropes to Beatrice in Edron. I used to sell ropes to her all the time when I was hunting Trolls.

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New Image

We need a new image for the rope but i can't upload files in .gif format :( Maybe someone else can upload the new rope image?

Bennie 11:52 12 December 2006 (CEST)

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