Defense against poison

Can someone tell me why am I "blocking" poison damage? I'm playing with a sorcerer level 22 and using Guardian Shield, Plate legs, Leather Boots, Spirit Cloak, Terra Hood, Wand of Draconia and a Scarf, with no ring. During some fights against Wasps, I've notice that after killing all of them, I still had the poisoned status, but instead of taking 1 damage/turn, I was blocking it. There was no damage (when the amount shows up in green numbers) neither miss (smoke), only those sparkles... The only possible explanation is that the +5 earth protection from Terra Hood could be helping me blocking it, but I couldn't find a proff anywhere here in TibiaWiki. Can someone confirm that for me and, if it's true, calculate how much poison can blocked with other equips?

Tks in adavance!

Yes, it's the terra hood. Resistances round the damage down so even 1% will reduce damage by at least one. You might be interested in Calculators#Armor, it allows you to test damage received with resistances and armor. Also, each equipment piece is counted separately, so if you wear 4 pieces of terra set, it will round like so:
Damage taken - 4
Hood - floor(4*0.96) = 3
Mantle - floor(3*0.92) = 2
Legs - floor(2*0.94) = 1
Boots - floor(1*0.95) = 0
Hope that answers your questions. -- Sixorish 04:41, May 31, 2011 (UTC)

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