We need to get to a consensus for this, maybe you guys have different opinions on the category names, as for now, I just put them like that, but let's talk about that here.

 Ψ Genosonic Ψ   Ψ  My Contributions Ψ   Ψ  Talk Ψ  

Image Sizes

It's a standard to keep images 32x32px, but, some objects are so big they can barely be understood on a such small size... my suggestion is to upload a big size image for objects that really require it (if they exceed 2x1m or 1x2m and are not well understood), like 3x1m or 2x2m, and they should be named, for example: Gargoyle Statue (Big).gif or Gargoyle Statue Big.gif, or whichever you suggest... and show it somewhere in the infobox, maybe on the Notes part, aligning them to the right.

Do we already have a standard for this?? I suggest we add it, some 32x32px images look so weird, that there isn't need to put them because they can't be understood.

We should use 32x32px as an Icon like we already do, but show images that require it a bit bigger, like I said. But, more important, what do you say?

 Ψ Genosonic Ψ   Ψ  My Contributions Ψ   Ψ  Talk Ψ  

For them to appear the "best" on the wiki, the image sizes should be in increments of 32x32 pixels. Since 32x32 pixels is the "baseline" for tibia tiles, any objects that are larger than this should be 64x64, and objects larger than that should be 96x96 pizels and so on.

You may also consider using increments of 16x16 pixels (32x32, 48x48, etc.), but please give preference to 32x32 pixel increments. Images should be centered with a transparent background.

-- Non possum credere me totum edisse
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 12:06, 22 January 2007 (PST)

Also, when picking ss from objects like the gargolye statue, put the tibia window on default size (remove that option don't shrink~/the map, it helps alot)

-- † Pudd Knight †  Talk  Contribs  -- 12:18, 22 January 2007 (PST)

Some tiles could be animated like water (also, the water is outdated, the image now is different). Btw, on statues you can add those monkey statues, I think I could help you out tonight. Good luck.

-- † Pudd Knight †  Talk  Contribs  -- 12:42, 22 January 2007 (PST)

Thanks for the tips Pudd, though I already do that ^_^, and thanks Whitelaces for that info. About those monkey statues, they are actually furniture, at least, the three that can be bought in Banuta, I haven't noticed if there's different statues that can't be bought nor moved. And for the water tiles, I'd like some help with that.

 Ψ Genosonic Ψ   Ψ  My Contributions Ψ   Ψ  Talk Ψ  

Ahh now I see the page is only for un-moveable objects.. I'm hunting abit now, but later I'll make the water animated gif, maybe if I have spare time I do oil and lava too.

-- † Pudd Knight †  Talk  Contribs  -- 21:27, 22 January 2007 (PST)

About the 'object type'

Many itens, like dustbin, wardrobe and others don't have a specific "type", maybe wardrobe could be container, but the dustbin..? would be a "dustbin"..? I'm editing some objects and I think this will be some kind of 'problen' since I don't know if there's some standard to follow...

-- † Pudd Knight †  Talk  Contribs  -- 23:33, 22 January 2007 (PST)

Check the first post in this talk, Talk:Objects#Categories, I believe it fits as an "Utility" object type, since it has some utility use... what do you think?

 Ψ Genosonic Ψ   Ψ  My Contributions Ψ   Ψ  Talk Ψ  

We need to talk about the change to the word Signalization for the word Signage. Couldn't find both words in Wiktionary :( but anyways, provide this definition for Signalization. And this one for Signage.

Check both out and draw conclusions :), thanks!

 Ψ Genosonic Ψ   Ψ  My Contributions Ψ   Ψ  Talk Ψ  

Something is lacking in a few of the tile pictures. The single square tile alone cannot show what the image is really like. I propose to get some fuller sized jpegs and/or gifs for moving Water Tile, Jungle Grass Tile (mabye cut down and regrow?), the roof tiles, and maybe a few others, like animated gifs for Lava Tile, Swamp Tile, Tar Tile with the popping bubbles. Anyone who has a full cache of sprites and a decent gif animator can do this. I need to recache, and when i can i will try.
--DM ><((°> Contribs <°))>< talk to me 18:36, 17 April 2006 (CDT) 07:48, 25 January 2007 (PST)

DM, you suggest that we use 2x2 or 3x3 tiles in an image per tile? In such case then we'd need square images of either 64px or 96px, which are kind of big... ...the original intention was though, to show the tiles not whole detailed floors, because, if that's the case, there's many other floors, like those found around Tiquanda and/or Boss Lairs that will have to be included and those make HUGE tiled floors. Here's my two cents.

 Ψ Genosonic Ψ   Ψ  My Contributions Ψ   Ψ  Talk Ψ  

I think I agree with Genosonic's observation, but it would be nice to have larger images also.... maybe we can leave the small tile images how they are now, but add a larger image to the note section or something.

-- Comme un cheveau sur la soupe.
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 10:06, 26 January 2007 (PST)

There would be no point using both 32x32 and a bigger size. I'd suggest using only one, since it give's a bit of work because are many different tiles. I could make animated tiles but I don't use the sprite because it's very hard for me to find images there, when I see some lava, swamp or go to tar tomb I'll make animated gifs if any1 din't made it until then. But about the image sizes I'd prefer 32x32 (as it is) since the person is looking will look only for a reference, he could easily see that in-game..

-- † Pudd Knight †  Talk  Contribs  -- 11:18, 26 January 2007 (PST)

Well, Whitelaces, we could do that for the Notes section and follow DM's idea, let's try it.

 Ψ Genosonic Ψ   Ψ  My Contributions Ψ   Ψ  Talk Ψ  

Sorry, i did mean what Whitelaces said, to put a larger image, for certain pictures, in the notes section. Most pictures are clear enough, but some are not very distinguishable for what they are. These can have larger images. I misunderstood the Jungle Grass Tile for the Jungle Grass you need to cut with a machete, which i will now templatize and add. Though for tiles with bubbles that would be cool to have for the main tile image.

--DM ><((°> Contribs <°))>< talk to me 18:36, 17 April 2006 (CDT) 12:06, 27 January 2007 (PST)

DM, the Jungle Grass isn't a tile, it's more like some sort of plant, it should belong in the Flora section in my opinion, and Jungle Grass Tile surely belongs in the tiles... or maybe I got you wrong? please reply :)

 Ψ Genosonic Ψ   Ψ  My Contributions Ψ   Ψ  Talk Ψ  

No, you are right. I just got confused earlier between the Jungle Grass Tile and Jungle Grass and then put it in the wrong spot.
--DM ><((°> Contribs <°))>< talk to me 18:36, 17 April 2006 (CDT) 15:32, 28 January 2007 (PST)

About contributing

I got some feeling I'm almost the only one who creates some new pages in the object catagory. I may be wrong (of course) but why is nobody helping anymore? Maybe everybody is doing exams, then I said nothing :P Anyway I now going to create some stones. Correct me if I'm wrong.

 Wie niet slim is moet slim zijn
^^  º Bennie º  ¤ Talk ¤  ^^ 10:49, 1 February 2007 (PST)

Well, I like to add images, I've been adding stuff too to this Objects page. I'll be adding more trees now.

 Ψ Genosonic Ψ   Ψ  My Contributions Ψ   Ψ  Talk Ψ  

Stairs, Ladders and Ramps

There are some more missing such as the Ankrahmun pyramid stairs/ramps (yellow). I think there is something else but i cannot remember what.
--DM ><((°> Contribs <°))>< talk to me 18:36, 17 April 2006 (CDT) 08:50, 17 February 2007 (PST)

I added Liberty Bay's stairs and Ankrahmun's ramp.--

 Ψ Genosonic Ψ   Ψ  My Contributions Ψ   Ψ  Talk Ψ   19:02, 21 February 2007 (PST)

The rope ladder in Vandura cult cave (and maybe at other places) is missing.
Art Featherpitch - The mispseller - Spam Me 19:36, 16 April 2007 (PDT)

Categories Again

I think the categories should be on different pages/grouped together, i.e right now there's single objects, how about instead of having four objects in that one category on this page, there be a page named "Illumination" which would have every object in that category on it. and "Flora and Minerals" would have a page to have all on one (instead of 7 different categories).
Sixorish My contributions Talk page 08:38, 4 February 2008 (UTC)

I understand what you mean, I added a few catagories lately and tried to restructure it but some objects just don't have an obvious catagory. I will try to revamp the catagories tomorrow, when I have more time. The intention of the Objects page should actually be just providing links to all sub-object classes. Also, we should use wiki-tables like on the Creatures page, that's way easier to change and maintain. Don't worry, I will try what I can. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Bennie (talkcontribs). Remember to sign your comments!

I was thinking, what differs objects from items? I think it should be enough to consider anything which can't be taken an 'object' for example Armor Rack can be moved, but it can't be taken, Coal Basins have several types, some moveable and some not, so I was wondering if I should put one as an item and one as an object, or if the moveable (but non-pickupable) should be changed to objects.
Sixorish«Talk Page»Contributions

Just separated the elevation categories into different pages.

~Sokwe 20:19, 6 August 2008 (UTC)

Clickable Images

Would it be worth it to make the images link to the pages that they represent?

So, good or bad idea?

~Sokwe 04:21, 8 August 2008 (UTC)

Brick Wall

Does the same... Not tested with IE but it's used for Template:Library. -- Sixorish 05:41, 8 August 2008 (UTC)

Awesome, and it works on Internet Explorer. I removed the old thing because the images appeared in the wrong place on IE. So, back to the question at hand: Should it be done?

~Sokwe 22:45, 8 August 2008 (UTC)

The images appeared in the right place on my IE. I like this idea, it should be used on Items and Creature pages and on their templates too.

<·> Hunter of Dragoes <·> My Talk <·> My Contributions <·> 04:01, 9 August 2008 (UTC)

And NPCs too ;) Any guide how to do this? or just like this:

Image:Brick Wall.gif
default [[Brick Wall]]
desc none

^^  º Bennie º  ¤ Talk ¤  º Credits º  ^^ 06:02, 9 August 2008 (UTC)

As far as I know, you will need to use seperate lines..

Would require template changes, but that's about it since the NPC/item/creature image locations are at Image:{{{pagename}}}.gif. -- Sixorish 10:56, 9 August 2008 (UTC)

There is other option: use the Template:ClickImage, but I prefer <imagemap>. Just to you know.

{{ClickImage|| width = 64px| height = 64px| link = Brick Wall| image = Brick Wall.gif|}}

Will give:

Using the same used with Bookcase image on Template:Library:

Image:Brick Wall.gif|Brick Wall
default [[Brick Wall]]
desc none

Will give:

Brick Wall

Image: In the first (Template:ClickImage) you can't select the image and copy/save it
In the second (<imagemap>) you can select the image and copy/save it.
Title: In the first it is automatically the same as the link, if you want other title just write "| title = " before the title which you want.
In the second the title must be written after "Image:<image>.<format>|".
Size: In the first you must always write the size of the image.
In the second you need write the size if you are resizing the image (after image and before title, e.g.: Image:Brick Wall.gif|32px|Brick Wall).
Lines: The first can be written in one line.
The second must be written in 3 lines.

I prefer write the title and don't write the size and a image which can be selected/saved. Who agree with me? And who disagree?

<·> Hunter of Dragoes <·> My Talk <·> My Contributions <·> 20:07, 10 August 2008 (UTC)

I think it should use <imagemap> rather than the template because I've found that the template can cause problems when using Internet Explorer.

~Sokwe 23:29, 10 August 2008 (UTC)

It won't work.... When transcluded it attempts to use [[{{{name}}}.gif]] - which does not exist. specifying a legit name will not fix it.. so unless I'm doing something wrong it's not possible. -- Sixorish 23:53, 10 August 2008 (UTC)

Stupid IE, the overflow:hidden is ignored in IE for some reason (love and hate google at the same time!), that's what's causing the problem with the template, but to be quite honest it's not the only problem IE has, even the main page has problems viewing with IE (Image:IE7Main.jpg).

So yeah, I can't see any way around for the template or imagemap.
Just one question, though - don't you think it would cause problems for editors? it may be useful to link to the items page, but that's about it, editor's on the other hand, to upload an image, you need to type out the correct location, because if the <imagemap> extension can't find the image (if you find a way to use it in templates, that is), it won't display a broken link, but rather "<imagemap>: must specify an image in the first line". It sounded like a good idea at first, but after now I'm starting to doubt it'll be a positive change.. -- Sixorish 03:14, 11 August 2008 (UTC)

All I meant by this clickable image stuff was to do it only on the objects page, which I have now done.
~Sokwe 03:17, 11 August 2008 (UTC)

Yeah that doesn't really effect the user-friendliness of it, my comment was toward those suggesting having it in single NPC, item, object etc. templates. Which wouldn't really do anything at all, it would be linking to the current page. Nonetheless, it's not relevant for the object page. I'll leave a message on TibiaWiki talk:Playground/clicktest and hope the others will join there to avoid the clutter here. -- Sixorish 03:30, 11 August 2008 (UTC)

I didn't suggest putting them on single pages, but on the page: NPCs, this page is built the same way as Objects (because I formatted both of them to wikitables with a catagorized overview layout which I copied from the Creatures page :p). Anyway, I will try it out.

^^  º Bennie º  ¤ Talk ¤  º Admins º  ^^ 21:54, 18 August 2008 (UTC)

OK, Template:Ilink is an alternative, I've put it on use over at Items, it will clean up the sources a bit (mid 2k characters even when changing from wikitables to html tables). If someone feels bored feel free to change it (but keep in mind images cannot be resized, so you should set one size for all, Objects should be 64, and pick different images if the sizes are an issue...the NPCs maybe the same, since the naming and all) -- Sixorish 11:06, 18 September 2008 (UTC)


Found this extension over at mediawiki: Extension:ImageLink, seems to allow single-lined images, would clean this page up a little but seeing as how the wiki doesn't have the extensions required (yet), is it worth it? -- Sixorish 08:13, 12 August 2008 (UTC)


Please post here any new objects whose object class does not have a page yet so that they don't get lost and forgotten. ~Sokwe 06:25, 16 August 2008 (UTC)

I have see 2 objects that are unique one is a tree stump west of Lubos house or east from the thais 2 beholder spawn, and the other is a stony pond in the paladin guild dungeon.
Kwigon the sharpshooter 01:23, 17 August 2008 (UTC)

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