Piano in novice cave

Theres a wierd piana in a novice cult hideout that MIGHT teleport you to a room - it says you don't know the full hym yet. Am I right in thinking theres a connection ? Craggles

Yes, but that belongs on a spoiler page, not here.

-- WhitelacesTalk † χρισtoς αnεσtη, αληθως αnεσtη -- 07:23, 3 August 2006 (PDT)

Re-learn verses

Can anyone conferm what the page says about having to relearn the verses after a period of time, and if so if it applys to each verse individually or as a whole, and if possible how long if it is true. I've used verses 1 through 3 and once I get 4 intended on going to the place their needed for, but would like to know now if I should stock new ones of 1 through 3 incase of this.

Zain Burstshot 22:51, 30 September 2006 (PDT)

I think since you can return to the place past piano multiple times you don't need to relearn the verses.

~ Uno time

I just learned the 1st verse of the hymm on update days (like 2 months ago), and now I read that, I tested and tried to re-learn first verse and it said "you already know this verse"... since I learned it months ago, I think this information is wrong (at least until some1 proof it's right)
Pudd Knight - 22 November 2006

I agree... the way CIP has structured existing quests would lead me to believe that you only need to learn each verse once, and then you will never forget them. I will remove it from the article. If anyone can prove that you forget the verse after a long time, post here and we can add it back in again.

-- WhitelacesTalk † χρισtoς αnεσtη, αληθως αnεσtη -- 08:57, 27 November 2006 (PST)

Multiple pages

Shouldn't it be made 4 different sites about 4 different music sheets?
-- Kaito Yamaro    ~~ Talk ~~ site ~~ My Guild ~~ Каито Ямаро оф Пацера, 08:37, 14 September 2006 (PDT) 00:37, 6 October 2006 (PDT)

It's all the same thing - it's just simpler to redirect all the versions of the sheets here. I'm sure people will still understand what we mean. Craggles

Why is this under creature products? It's not like the music sheets are a part of the cult itself, so I think this should be moved elsewhere. Buzzinator

I'd say the paperwork category
Skeleton Beholder Skeleton  Art Featherpitch  - The mispseller -  Spam me  Skeleton Beholder Skeleton

Would it be alright to put it in the paperwork category then? Wanted to make sure before I changed it, in case someone wanted to argue their own case. Buzzinator

I'd leave it under creature products

1) A creature did produce this - it may not have been through excretion or growth but they did produce it.

2) You can't buy these in the shops (same can be said for purple tome but see number 3)

3) Usually creature products are used in the production of add-ons. The sheets of music are a necessary part and it does take hours of toil to collect them all (like most creature products). Just because this creature product is a little more advanced does not mean it's not a creature product.

6 Nov 2006 [Random::Chat::Guild::Contributions::Tibicam Profile]

I'm going ahead and split this into 4 pages, otherwise the sellto parameter can't be filled in correctly. Also, I'm re-adding it to the creature products type, agreeing with Craggles'. -- Bennie (talk ~ fellows) 17:16, November 3, 2012 (UTC)

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