A procedural question about the Library entries. What are thoughts about linking out from book entries to other Wikientries? For example, if the text talks about elves, make the text dynamic to link to Elves?

Has the benefit of weaving the library pages more fully into the wiki, and people can follow trails of information more easily. Con: it takes away the "work" associated with individual and separate books.

I'd prefer linking out, but I like links.

--Digger Smith.

I'm okay with links in the text of the books, as long as it doesn't distract from the page or make it hard to read. Basically, links that are appropriate to the context of the book would be very useful in my opinion.

Also, there are some books that have misspellings or poor grammar. Be sure to resist the urge to "fix" the texts. They might be intentional and in fact be a clue to solve a quest.

 Nullum gratuitum prandium
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 22:27, 30 January 2006 (CST)


I yet have to access this island, but inside sources tell me that the library has attained more books in the 2006 Updates (July, December). If someone could go and compare this main page with books there to confirm this fast. The cost is low and it's worth the time. I believe the bookcases nearest the upstairs door contains new books and the contents related to the Shattered Isles. Thank you. --DM ><((°> Contribs <°))>< talk to me 14:30, 7 April 2007 (PDT)

I'm not sure if it was updated all last updates, but here comes a check 3 hours after server save with quiet some new books:

first case:

second case:

third case:

fourth case:

fifth case:

sixth case:

seventh case:

eighth case:

  • I, Vampire Our race, if my dear reader allows me to use that term, is a rather curious one. (has not title, this is the first line)

ninth case:

tenth case:

fourteenth case:

fifteenth case:

sixteenth case:

twentieth case:

twenty-second case:

twenty-third case:

twenty-fourth case:

twenty-fifth case:

twenty-sixth case:

twenty-seventh case:

Dustbeard the Pirate Volume 1 (Book)]]

  • [[Biographies of the Rich and Infamous

Dustbeard the Pirate Volume 2 (Book)]] twenty-eighth case:

twenty-ninth case:

thirtieth case:

  • In days long past, when the wars of the gods ravaged the land long before any human set foot on the world, there were races and civilisations that flourished and decayed. (has no title, this is the first line).

thirty-second case:

thirty-fourth case:

thirty-fifth case:

  • The principle of opening a gate for a demonic army is the same as summoning a demon.






  • We confirm that the Ruthless Seven have occupied the place which is known as Pits of Inferno. (no title, this is the first line)


The books listed above are all new, but probably not all from the last update but also from some updates ago. I will add them now to this library page and create pages for those who have no pages yet. ^^ Bennie (talk ~ fellows) ^^ 19:14, January 9, 2010 (UTC)

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