Clyde's Introductory Post

First and foremost, I realise this probably isn't the best way to do this, but at least it's being done! I apologise for the miles and miles of coding (and text!), but, in my opinion at least, it has kept it relatively neat.

Explanation of History Page

After much talk and no action I have taken the step to create the History Talk Page (the worst that happens is that we now have a dedicated talk page to throw forth ideas). So the content page isn't filled with instructions and comments, I've set out some in-concept guidelines below. I encourage feedback on them, but I feel that following them, or what they evolve to, (especially the filename guides) would make the whole project much easier to manage. You are not required to follow them.

Concept Guidelines

Display/arrangement of information


Due to the large volume of information this page will contain (hopefully!) I feel the best way to display the information would be in the style used for Creature Spells, Allusions, and the like, viz a category (for example NPCs) then each NPC added to this category. I have given consideration to arranging it by changes introduced in each update, but feel it would be better to have separate categories, especially as many users may be more interested in seeing, say, the evolution of the client than what was changed in each update. However, an appendix listing changes by update would be welcome. OPINIONS PLEASE!


I aren't entirely sure what the best way to do this would be due to the large and varying content this page (hopefully! again) will contain. For example showing the previous vial graphic is about as far away as anyone could get to displaying Ab'Dendriel before the 7.9 Update. So I've been thinking that the page could use thumbnails and tables for the large 'location' images, while smaller images (monsters, items, NPCs) could use short descriptions (e.g. The Rotworm graphic was changed with Update X.X, prior to this update they looked like this.) with a graphic on the right. For items that have been removed, but retain a page on TibiaWiki, the following would be (my version of) ideal.. Item Blah Blah was removed from Tibia in Update X.X {if required} and replaced with Item Blah Blah Blah.

Other Thoughts

I had another though that all historical pages could be of the format Historical/Article_Name, this keeps them separate from other articles and allows all historical articles to be readily found. Additionally, it would avoid clashes with items that have been altered, but are still in the game. The only problem I see with this is that every page that has a 'historic' duplicate would need a note at the top of the 'current' page and this may look a little messy. OPINIONS PLEASE!

Required Content

Client and Game Play

Client and Game Play changes. These will be a mix of graphics and text. For example, an image of the 'keep distance' button (replaced by the protection mode button) and an explanation of what it did and when it was removed. Common sense for file names, but similar to the above examples. Different methods of display hitpoints, level advances, etc, should all follow a similar style.


Locations that have changed with updates. This will be primarily graphic, but text should also be used. Minor changes (such as the removal of a couple of tiles of land on the coast) should be avoided. However changes like that which occurred to Fibula Dungeon, Ab'dendriel, etc, should be included. If possible, both screenshots and (where required) map images should be included. Again following the above format (e.g. Fibula_Dungeon_77.jpg). For less drastic changes, for example the changes to Dark Cathedral, should just be mentioned with smaller images provided if required.

NPCs, Monsters and Items

NPCs, Monsters and Items that have changed with updates, different graphics and different abilities, hitpoints, experience, etc - this will primarily be changes due to major graphical changes (however I seem to remember many years ago Beholders being heavily revised). I would suggest images of this nature be uploaded with a filename of the same nature as current images used, but with _XXX added before the extension, where XXX is a reference to the release of Tibia the image comes from. For example Rotworm_75.gif would be an image of a Rotworm from the 7.5 release of Tibia.


Textures that have changed with updates, primarily graphic. For example, the grass from previous releases of Tibia. The images should be big enough to give a clear idea of what Tibia looked like in previous times. As such, images of one or two tiles would not generally be ideal. Filenames should be of a similar style as laid out above.


Miscellaneous changes, those not listed above. Use your common sense.

I welcome anyone that has images or knowledge to share about historical content to add it to the main page, and anyone that wants to make suggestions to the 'project' to post them on this page. At the moment I welcome any contributions, so please post them on the content page or on the talk page and I or someone else will post/arrange them.
If you managed to read all that, what are your opinions and suggestions on the idea?
If anyone that has good knowledge of templates and the like wants to put forward some suggestions, please do so.

-Clyde. If you need me, I can be contacted via my Talk Page.

I have effectively moved this discussion to the items talk page.

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the page would be massive, maybe this info could go on update pages? (wich would need to be created from the update page
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