How Good They Are?

This potion is only for paladins so am interested as a paladin in knowing the opinion of other paladins. Do you think 1 potion is more profitable than 1 strong health and 1 strong mana potion? Cause Great Spirit Potion looks like a Strong Health Potion and a Strong Mana Potion fused togeter.

I tested 7 of they healed Health: Min 296 average 319 max 348 - and mana: Min 124 average 142 Max 174.

If some one else could help testing to find the maximun and minimun regain to compare them with the other strong potions, we could see wich is more profitable.
Also I don't know the max and min of health potions, anyone using them please post here the numbers on in the strong health potion talk. -  Kwigon the sharpshooter   Talk   -April-9-2008.

It seems to me that they designed those with the idea that paladins need mana points and health to survive in most situations. Using the potion once seems to be not enough to cast Exura San, but however two potions per turn you get the health from two potions and can cast an Exura San spell, effectively healing all or most of the health points of the user.

I could be wrong though, I haven't tested/seem them used yet.

Fire Assassin 01:40, 9 April 2008 (UTC)