this creature dont have category, was deleted by Ville-v in which category had to put in?


I think it should be in "giant creatures" category But it would be good if there's a "Poi creatures" category, of course not with this name... something like "XXXXXX follower" when XXX its the name of the r7. Thx ~Darth

05:02 Loot of a destroyer: meat, 79 gold coins, a crystal necklace

im gonna add crystal necklace to lootlist.

Tin key, read before edit

There are NO proofs of that. I doubt that tin key really can be dropped by destroyers. Before you add tin key to list please add proof(screen with loot) here.
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About half way through this task now. Not a single key looted so I doubt its true. I will be sure to update this with more info as everything seems to be currently questionable.


Added Rumor/Myth because the "hidden mines" were not found, so if someone found that place it can be deleted.

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