It hitted me in malee 2705. just wanna info about it. beware of it

regarding melee hits from chayenne

I only got hit for 1073, so a hit of 1100 isnt way out of porportion, i dont think it could possibly do a 2703 hit man... Since its only spawned once though i gonna put a ?? on the end of ur numbers for it still cause its still unknown exactly how hard it hits...Twilightfang 18:56, January 23, 2012 (UTC)

^ about that.

Im a 350 ek. it hitted me 2705 in malee without any summons or wawes, However it was 1st raid (1st day when it appeared). I have blocked it all other days also, I have notes it hit a lot less last 2-3 days then 1st day.

Hope it gives any info about it.

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