How much can one get for a bp of burst arrows?

This would depend upon the gameworld you are playing, and this wiki is not the place to ask questions like this. You would get a better answer by asking someone in-game.

If you figure out the price for a single burst arrow in your world, multiply that price by 2000 to know the price of a backpack. For example, if a single burst arrow sells for 10gp, then a backpack would roughly be 10*2000, which is 20k.  Nemo Hispanic Inquisition expectat
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18:47 Dario: I have arrows, sniper arrows and onyx arrows for bows and bolts, piercing bolts and power bolts for crossbows. What do you need? i think its just bullshit what's on the page, you cant buy it in the shop

04:41 Art Featherpitch [68]: burst arrow
04:41 Robert: Do you want to buy an arrow for 2 gold?
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Damage Type: Death or Physical?

Winter Wolf

There’s been a back and forth debate whether or not the Burst Arrows now cause Death type damage, or if they still cause physical damage. I noticed that after the update the effect of the arrows when they hit has changed, form a 3x3 square fire explosion to 3x3 death effect.

This is why I believe that they cause death type damage and not physical damage, as to me it makes little sense to change the damage effect if the damage type is the same.

So until tests (Like firing burst arrows at creatures vunerable to death type damage) and hard proof comes forth about what type of damage they do I am reverting the content page back to my last revision.

If any of you have a problem with this then feel free to revise it as you see fit.


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i dono... looks like an explosion rune type damage to me. and they are physical.

magician jimson

Does the damage of burst arrows increase with magic level(as it used to do?) or is it the same as with normal distance weapons?

I've heard that burst arrows can now miss, and that it was an update or two ago that it was changed? Miltonr 07:19, 18 August 2009 (UTC)Miltonr

PvP statement with revised PvP system?

May be useful for paladins who fight creatures which come in packs, as it has a 100% hit rate to a direct target, and may still deal damage to nearby foes. This has its consequences, too, as in PvP worlds the burst arrow will hit players even if the paladin doesn't mean to.

With the introduction of the dove mode I don't think this is such a problem anymore? -- Sixorish (talk) 08:35, March 2, 2014 (UTC)

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