HP and Mana regen by vocation

Is this something that people want on these pages? Is it helpful to have the actual number of hp and mana that each vocation regens with each food item they eat?

If the answer is yes, then I have a much easier way to add this to all of the food pages... if the answer is no, then I'll revert them.

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-- yea i want to know it :P because then i know what is better food for mana :) - Dille

But it tells you how many seconds it will regen hp/mana. Basically, is it useful for this page to do the simple math and figure out the total hp and mana you get in the number of seconds that the food lasts?

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--- this way is good :) leave it this way and this by all kinds of food is handy ^.^ - Dille ( p.s ) hoe do i get a signature like u o.o

If this is good, then I'll just update the template to do the need to have one more thing on every item pages that needs maintained.

About the signature... check out this tip: TibiaWiki:Tip/Week 19, 2006.

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Rotworm cave

why is it that one this page it says there is a rotworm cave in PoH but on the PoH page there are no rots listed?

Now they are :) also added slimes.

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Hi, I would Like to say that eggs heal more per gp than brown mushroons and they are easier to get (Free accounts can buy), I'm just telling that becouse for a long time I thought Brown mushrons were cheaper, and the way it is written about it, seems that mushroons are the bests.

Eggs are the best food in the matter healing per gp, the problem is it's Weight, so, this article should have a Comparison between eggs and Brown Mushroons.

Thanks, Bozomal

Buy with backpack

The advice of not buying with backpack seems a little misplaced (although it is technically correct)? Vlobben 19:41, April 30, 2010 (UTC)

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