The Sword Of Fury

The Sword of Fury is a Spike Sword found on an island off the northern shore of Rookgaard. A sign near the sword reads, "Only the humble one may touch the Sword Of Fury."

  • Many have wondered if this sword is obtainable. Many have tried, but failed, to lay hands on the Sword.
  • Rumor has it was once obtainable by completing a contest. If there was a contest, it is now long over.
  • Perhaps what the sign says, "Only the humble one may touch the Sword Of Fury.", is a cleverly placed message by CipSoft. Perhaps, upon seeing the message, a new player will behave him/her self, thus acting humble. Perhaps the message is to make players behave a little more.
  • Sometimes the sword will disappear from the island for one or a few days and the fires on the surrounding rocks will die down. This is triggered through a quest that can be done without noticing it(Which explains why people thought it was random), whether or not this is a part of aquiring the Sword of Fury still remains a mystery.
    Sword of Fury Disappearance
  • Who knows if the Sword Of Fury will ever be obtained? Perhaps, the answer is right in front of our noses, waiting for us to lay hands on the legendary sword.
  • NPC Avar Tar claims the sword of fury was his sword and he left it there before leaving to the mainland.
  • During the Test Servers Gamemasters can interact more with the players and sometimes take them to places they could never get to. The well known Master Slayer of Antican's Rookgaard was teleported to the island of Sword of Fury. Master Slayer at the Sword of Fury
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How to make Sword of Fury disappear:

As far as we know, when this trick is performed, the sword will simply disappear from the island. Around the 7.7 update, through less-than-honest means that will not be further mentioned here, it was been proven beyond all reasonable doubt that the sword will not be teleported or recreated elsewhere.
Needless to say, there's nothing saying that CIP can't change their own quests like they did with the Femor hills tower, although it's not very likely considering the sword would unbalance rook completely.

To make the sword disappear, you need to step on two squares in two different caves. First you need to step on a square on the northern part of this Poison Spider cave, the exact location of the square is shown here. After that, you need to step on a square adjacent to the southern wall of Rotworm hell, the exact location of the square is shown here.

Some people have reported it deleted on Trimera after only stepping on the square in the Poison Spider cave described above. But it was later confirmed that both squares must be stepped on to make it disappear.

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