Swan Maiden.gif
You see a swan maiden.
  • Nightmarish monster! This dream is not meant for you!
  • You won't steal my robe! Back off!
  • You are not allowed to lay eyes on me in this shape!
  • Are you stalking me? You will bitterly regret this!


Swan maidens are a kind of fae who can shapeshift from a young elven or human female into a beautiful swan. The magical item allowing this transformation is a swan feather cloak, a garment with swan feathers attached. If this cloak is taken from a swan maiden, she is stuck in the shape she had at the time of the theft. She will only be able to shapeshift again when she regains her cloak. On Feyrist it is always hard to tell whether a swan swimming on a lake is an ordinary animal or a swan maiden in her bird shape. Swan maidens protect the wilds of their secret realm from intruders and live in small flocks along secluded lakeshores. It is told that a swan maiden can transform a willing human or elven virgin into a swan maiden herself. Swan maidens emerge from mortals' dreams about flying.


Melee (0-160), Energy Strike (83-105), Mana Drain (82-119), Sparkle Bomb on themselves (causes paralysis for a few seconds), Self-Healing (62-78).

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


Feyrist Meadows


Swan Maidens try to attack their opponents at a distance using their spells. A swan maiden will retreat at 40 (5%, red) health.


Wearing a Bronze Amulet could be a good idea in order to counter their commonly used mana drain attack. Otherwise they're not that strong and your biggest worry should be running into groups of other Feyrist creatures while chasing them.


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