The Svargrond Libraries is a collection of libraries that are all found outside of (but closest to) the city of Svargrond. Books can be found lying around on Grimlund, in Krimhorn, on the Formorgar Glacier, in the Formorgar Mines, and on Percht Island. Svargrond itself does not contain any libraries, but some books can be found here anyway.


Name Type Description
Offline Training (Book) Large Book How to train when offline.
The Northern Lands (Book) Book (Black) Account of a hunt for sea serpents and the shipping route to Svargrond.


Name Type Description
Hostile Chakoyas (Book) Book (Grey) Ogden Brewboiler and his crew get stranded somewhere near Svargrond and soon notice they are unwanted visitors...


Krimhorn Library
This library is located in the Ice Witch tower in the barbarian camp of Krimhorn. There are seven books inside the tower, and one is found inside a corpse on an island far north of Svargrond accessible from this tower.

First Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Frostspire's Secret II (Book)Book (Brown)The Carlin miners uncover some interesting creatures within the Formorgar Mines while Yakchal is becoming hungry for power.
The Frostspire's Secret III (Book)Book (Brown)Yakchal grows in power and starts to oppose the Carlin miners. Her boss was able to manipulate a shard in such a way that it slows his ageing process.
The Frostspire's Secret I (Book)Book (Brown)With the help of the local shaman Yakchal a researcher finds out that all the myths about the Frostheart Spire are true. His studies are disturbed by some Carlin miners.

Second Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Frostspire's Secret IV (Book)Book (Brown)The researcher's studies are progressing steadily, but Yakchal is becoming more and more restless.
The Frostspire's Secret VI (Book)Book (Brown)The researcher performs a ritual which lures Sea Serpents to the seas around Hrodmir in order to get rid of all Carlin interference. Yakchal takes over the Formorgar Mines.

Third Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Frostspire's Secret V (Book)Book (Brown)Yakchal is scheming something bad, and her boss is planning to freeze her until he has finished his researches.

Fourth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Frostspire's Secret VII (Book)Book (Brown)A sarcophagus deep inside the Formorgar Mines seems to be fuelled by shards to create the ultimate youth preservation artefact. Yakchal uses the casket a lot.

Ice Witch Island
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Holy Coffin (Book)Sheet of PaperPaper discussing Yakchal in her regenerative sleep.

Formorgar Glacier

Name Type Description
Gone Missing (Book) Parchment (White) A person notes of his experiences in a cave.
Shearing Operation (Book) Book (Brown) A person notes about his capture by witches.

Formorgar Mines

Some books can be found here in two different locations.

The Cultist's Hideout

Formorgar Mines Lost Soul Room Labeled
This area is just a small room on the third floor of the mines. There is a Lost Soul and an Enlightened of the Cult in this room. There's also a Crate with some food (2x Brown Bread, 4x Ham, Jug of Wine). The papers in the bookcase are the letters addressed to a fellow cultist regarding his job in managing the melting of the Formorgar Glacier. There's a big table with an Inkwell on it, and with it, the final incomplete paper. Perhaps something happened to the writer to prevent him from finishing the paper? Perhaps he is the Lost Soul?

First bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Cult Communication I (Book)Sheet of PaperA cult is planning to take over the Formorgar Mines and free the demons frozen there.

Second Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Cult Communication II (Book)Sheet of PaperProgress is slow with the cult's plans.

Third Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Cult Communication III (Book)Sheet of PaperThe leader of the cult's operations is granted everything he needs in order to ensure the success of their mission.
Cult Communication IV (Book)Sheet of PaperThe Formorgar Mines have been taken over by the cult and now caution is essential to raise a giant army without also raising suspicion.

On the table
NameBook TypeShort Description
Cult Communication V (Book)Sheet of PaperThe cult's megalomaniac plans seem to have backfired.

Mining Site

Formorgar Mines Mining Site Books Original
These documents are found on the second floor of the mines, west of the hoist, here. The 3 Gargoyles there may displace the furniture there. The papers describe a growing concern about ships going missing on the Carlin-Svargrond boat route.

In the Chest of Drawers
NameBook TypeShort Description
Sea Serpents (Book)Sheet of PaperMore Sea Serpent attacks.
Missing Ships (Book)Sheet of PaperSea Serpents are attacking ships sailing from Carlin to Svargrond.
Mining Operations (Book)Sheet of PaperA town has been established on the island of Hrodmir.

On the ground
NameBook TypeShort Description
Downfall of Svargrond (Book)Sheet of PaperMiners need to abandon the Formorgar Mines because of the prevalent Sea Serpent attacks on ships.


NameBook TypeShort Description
Floor Plan of the Formorgar Mines (Book)Map (Brown)Floor plans for the Formorgar Mines.
Instructions to the Formorgar Mines Hoist (Book)Sheet of PaperInstructions for using the hoist of the Formorgar Mines.

Percht Island

Name Type Description
Perchts II (Book) Book (Fat Green)  ?
Perchts I (Book) Book (Brown Square)  ?
The Bear and the Percht Queen (Book) Parchment (White)  ?
To Challenge the Queen (Book) Ornate Tome  ?
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