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The city of Svargrond is not by chance called city of barbarians. It is a city of rough manners, and respect can usually only be earned by displaying strength and endurance. Befriending the citizens is not done easily. Trading with them can often be tiresome and even dangerous when looking at their temper in combination with alcohol. All in all, one could assume that Svargrond is rather an unlikely ally for our respectable Carlin but for strategical and economical reasons it is quite the contrary. Svargrond is one of the cities easily accessible by us that is not under the sway of Thais in some form. A dominance of Thais in Svargrond could severely hamper our seafaring and trade.
The harsh environment of the northern isles makes Svargrond an interesting trading partner from an economical point of view. Many of our goods cannot be created by themselves or would be extremely expensive if they were produced with their own resources. Although the mining operations have not really been running again yet, there is still an abundance of resources that we can trade for our goods as soon as Svargrond's economy has developed somewhat more. For now, we mainly trade amber, ivory, bones, furs, and meat. Later, we hope to be able to trade for ores, gemstones and even shaman-made potions and elixirs. Sadly the cultural differences still pose a severe problem for our trades or the expansion of our post here. Although our fighters gained some respect, the prominence of alcohol in that culture is a constant thorn in our side. Officially it has been declared not to make an issue of this difference, but sometimes this is easier said than done when facing some threatening drunkard. So against earlier plans, we maintain only a minor presence in Svargrond. This tactic seems to work well as he barbarians are not fond of intrusions in their everyday lives. Unfortunately, their constant war with their even less civilized brethren in the south hampers our ambitions to get a hold on the resources of the isles. On the other hand, it makes our wares even more valuable for the besieged people of Svargrond.